Lieutenant Adam Fletcher


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Lieutenant Adam Fletcher

Name Adam Fletcher

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1''
Weight 85kgs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Reasonably tall and in exceptional shape such is to be expected from a Marine. He keeps his hair short and smart and is clean shaven most of the time although he does allow the emergence ofa short beard from time to time. Not as hard looking as one might expect.


Father Marcus Fletcher
Mother Maria Fletcher
Sister(s) Amelia Fletcher
Other Family Nicholas Joyner - Nephew - 14
Samantha Joyner - Niece - 7
Adam Joyner - Nephew - 3

Andrew Joyner - Brother in Law

Personality & Traits

General Overview Adam is sharp minded and detail focused, always looking for the next way to progress which ever task he is focused on. He has been through his share of combat and if anything he has seen during that bothered him, he has found a way to make sure it doesn't show.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Big picture thinker
+Determined and Driven
+Calm, rarely loses his temper
+Creative problem solver

-Reluctant to make a decision that might negatively impact someone else
-Can be indecisive at times
Hobbies & Interests A reasonably talented musician, Adam enjoys playing the piano and guitar and is a reasonable singer although this is a skill he rarely shows off in public. He enjoys a variety of combat sports including boxing and muay thai, mostly for the fitness aspect but the fighting skills help too. Although he isn't very good, Adam also enjoys surfing and through his love of the mountains is also learning to ski. Also trying to learn to cook properly. It isn't going especially well though

Personal History Born to Marcus and Maria Fletcher in London back on Earth, neither of his parents had any Starfleet ties. His father was a civilian mechanic until he abandoned the family when Adam was only 6 and his mother had been a stay at home until the support of two young children fell upon her and she found work cooking for a small cafe.

Despite all this, Adam never really harboured any anger towards the man, learning more to indifference toward him. His mom did a good job of raising the two children. Adam was about average throughout his formative educational years and if any one had to have guessed back then, they would've said that Adam would end up in musical arts.

And then the dominion war happened.

Too young through it to have actively participated, hearing the news reports night after night began to develop a sense of duty in Adam and despite the war winding down, he made his application to become a Marine officer, to the chagrin of his mother.
Service Record 2376-2379 SFMC Officer Training Centre, Lympstone

2379-2382 - 2nd Lieutenant - Platoon Leader, 18th MEU -USS Washington

2382-2383 - 2nd Lieutenant - Platoon Leader - 6th Marine Division - Starbase 93

2383-2388 1st Lieutenant - Company Commander - 4th Marine Special Operations Btn - Deep Space 6

2388-2389 1st Lieutenant - Company Commander - 1st Marine Earth Defence Division - Earth Space Dock

2389 - Present 1st Lieutenant - Detachment Commander - USS Ascension