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Lieutenant Commander Erik Larsen

Name Erik Larsen PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Europani)
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5’8” (175 cm)
Weight 155 lb (70 kg)
Hair Color Platinum blonde
Eye Color Cobalt blue
Physical Description Erik has classic features indicative of Nordic heritage: blonde hair and blue eyes. He is not overly muscular, but he is no slouch either and maintains a better-than-expected fitness standard for his position. Erik has a tattoo on his left forearm, a symbol representing his home colony of Europa Nova.

On duty, Erik is always in impeccable uniform; boots, rank pips and comm badge are always shined to perfection and his uniform is always spotless and neatly pressed. When off duty, Erik favors jeans and a t-shirt with casual shoes.


Father Lars Hendriksen
Mother Lola Hamundsdottir
Brother(s) Sven, Aksel, Viggo, Frederik, Oscar
Other Family Various aunts, uncles and cousins residing in New Denmark region of Europa Nova. His cousin, Hans Eriksen, is a ranking member of the local legislative assembly.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Erik could easily be described as the perennial “nice guy”. He has one of those personalities that people tend to gravitate toward...calm, attentive and entertaining. Erik stays well-versed in current events, so that he can help conversation flow more smoothly. He also had a dry and self-depreciating sense of humor. But do not mistake his seemingly carefree nature for naivety; Erik knows his material when it comes to physics, and is an excellent general scientist.
Strengths & Weaknesses Erik has a trusting nature about him that can cause many to underestimate him. His scientific analyses, even if given off the cuff, are generally spot on accurate.

Like many in the sciences, Erik has a stubborn streak and loathes being proven wrong. He also has a bit of a hot temper that can affect his relations with colleagues.
Ambitions For now, Erik is content with unlocking the secrets of the universe and is focused on being the best science officer he can become. In the future, he aspires to a command level position...his dream is to lead a purely exploratory mission into unknown space.
Hobbies & Interests Not being a Federation citizen, Erik is very interested in becoming acquainted with the wide variety of species that the Federation has encountered. From food, to music and literature, he delights in all aspects of cultural exchange. Being a scientist, he also has some technical hobbies; these include holographic design and climatology.

Personal History Erik Larsen was born on Europa Nova, a Eurocentric colony founded in the late 2200s that chose to remain independent from the UFP. His family lived in the New Denmark region, a cluster of settlements on the northernmost continent with a total population of about 100 thousand. Erik was the first of his parent’s six sons.

Erik was a spirited youth, taking part in many of the typical activities such as running and playing and climbing trees. But he was also a serious student, exceptionally gifted in mathematics and the sciences. So gifted, in fact, that his abilities eventually surpassed those of the local schools and the family moved to the planetary capitol of L’Aquila to continue his education. Erik completed the best programs that Europa Nova has to offer, eventually earning him a PhD in Physics at age nineteen in 2369. Erik began a university teaching career that lasted for five years, until he met his first offworlder.

In 2374, a newly-elected government on Europa Nova began a policy of opening up their world to outsiders. A delegation from Starfleet Academy visited the university where Erik taught, and he was taken in by their tales of the wonders beyond their solar system. After several weeks of contemplation, Erik decided to apply to Starfleet. He was accepted, and his advanced degree afforded him a spot in an abbreviated Officer training program. Erik completed that program in 2377 and was commissioned as an Ensign stationed aboard the Ambassador class USS Romanov.

Erik began his career on the Romanov as a staff physicist, while also pulling duty in Stellar Cartography. He and his colleagues found the processing software for the astrometric database severely lacking, so he and two others embarked on a one year project to rewrite the code one line at an time. This painstaking endeavor earned all of them not only commendations for original thinking but also a fifty six percent increase in processor efficiency. Many of their code changes were implemented fleetwide, resulting in a marked leap forward in isolinear processor software. Erik was transferred to the USS Mordor in 2379 as a computer systems specialist. Erik earned a reputation as a hard worker and a devout empiricist, which got him a promotion to Lieutenant JG in 2380 as well as a position on the Bridge. Upon the retirement of the Mordor’s senior science officer in 2384, Erik was promoted to Lieutenant and named as his replacement. He served on the Mordor until being assigned to the USS Ascension in 2389.
Service Record 2374-2377: Starfleet Officer training
2377-2379: USS Romanov, science officer
2379-2384: computer science specialist, USS Mordor
2380: promoted to Lieutenant JG
2384: promoted to Lieutenant
2384-2389: Chief Science Officer, USS Mordor
2388: promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: Chief Science Officer, USS Ascension