Ensign Andrea Robinson


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Ensign Andrea Robinson

Name Andrea Robinson

Position Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 159
Weight TBD
Hair Color TBD
Eye Color TBD
Physical Description The universe - or rather genetics - decided that Andy would be shorter than average. Yet, she is muscular without being too musclebound. The deep tan of her desert upbringing has noticeably faded these last few years, but the whole package is pleasant.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Marc Robinson
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Mr Simon Robinson
Captain Valentine Robinson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Andy is eager to make her mark on the galaxy, approaching most problems with the arrogance of youth, yet this is offset with a large helping of inexperience and naivety about the workings of the galaxy-at-large. She has no desire to make a career in uniform. Yet, for her part, she is desperate to live up to the reputation of a man who died before she was even born, having built up his legacy in her mind.

She is fiercely proud of her colonial origins, and was disciplined at the Academy for striking a fellow cadet who made a disparaging remark about her planet. Regardless, her off world origins were also a private source of anxiety for her as she adjusted to being on Earth and away from home for the first time. Yet she also draws strength from them as she argues that with her perspective of being from a world on the outskirts of the Federation, she has just as much to offer as someone from a planet closer in.
Strengths & Weaknesses Academy tests revealed that Andy suffers from a fear of falling, that manifests itself as an aversion to heights at specific ranges like the top of a tall ladder, an exposed balcony railing, or cliff ledge. This fear has hampered her training in specific operational situations and she has received counselling, but it remains an issue.
Ambitions To Andy, the notion of space exploration is an exciting opportunity that she cannot ignore, lest she look back at a youth spent on a dusty dirtball with regret. She has no desire to make a career out of this.
Hobbies & Interests She especially enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits.

Personal History Andrea was born during the winter of 2377 on Benecia Colony. Almost immediately she was surrendered by her birth mother and placed in government care. She was initially fostered by Marc Robinson and his partner, Simon, who wished to have a family. Marc would later formally adopt Andrea but it was not until she was a teenager that she was fully told her origin story. To date, she has not attempted to find out more about her biological family. As a child, Andrea had difficulty pronouncing her given name, so shortened it to 'Andy'. She chooses to be addressed by the latter rather than the former.

As a child, perhaps internalising the differences she observed between her two-father, same gender family, and the more 'traditional' male-female parents in biologically-related families, Andy felt ill at ease and began to withdrew into herself. Eventually, a sympathetic teacher noticed her isolation and introduced her to the Vulcan tenant of "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations" which helped Andy to realise that her origins were just as correct as anybody else's. Largely, though her childhood was a happy one, being free to grow, develop, and explore. She loved being outdoors, hiking, exploring, and was on one occasion even apprehended by civilian police for knowingly trespassing on private property in search of a thrill.

Andy initially thought that she would follow in her father, Marc's, footsteps and become some sort of scientist - maybe even a doctor, but those careers never really 'spoke' to her. Then, one day, she discovered an old, battered, military-style case in family storage and started asking questions about it. Marc thought that it had once belonged to his great, great grandfather, Valentine, who had been a Starfleet officer in the late 23rd Century, but he did not know much more about it. The case contained Valentine's cherished mementos from his travels - a career in a box if you like. Trinkets from alien worlds and a medal for bravery were really exotic to her and young Andy kept returning to the trunk again and again for inspiration and imagination. Her parents expressed concerns for her safety but were ultimately supportive of her decision to join.

At the Academy, Andy was undecided what she wanted to do, initially pursuing a science-based track, but a charismatic instructor in a class on operations protocol convinced her to change her mind. Records indicate average academics and above average physical fitness scores. Records further indicate that she was disciplined for striking a cadet, and received other minor infractions.
Service Record 2395: Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2396: Cadet, Starfleet Academy Annex, Psi Epsilon III
2397: Cadet, Starfleet Academy, field training on Communication Relay Station 92.
2398: Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2399: Ensign, Relief Operations Officer, USS Ascension