Moving Forward

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With mysteries still to be solved, the USS Ascension limps its way to Starbase 67 with an escort sent by Starfleet Command. New crew members aboard, the crew must determine what comes next for them. Will they stay? Will they go? What does Starfleet have in mind for the Ascension moving forward?

A Brand New Day

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Having come to terms with their new normal, the crew's decision to mutiny in support of their Captain seemed to be the right one. The ship is now being upgraded and taking aboard new crew. What does Starfleet have in mind for the ship and its crew?

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Maiden Voyage

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The maiden voyage of the USS Ascension, the new Ascension-class Dreadnought. Leaving the Providence Fleet Yarsd with her crew and cadets aboard will reveal its power or failure.

Mission 01: A New Beginning

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The USS Ascension, newly arrived in the Delta Quadrant, is ready to accept its first assignment. The Dristrins, a peaceful race whose planet sits alone in its solar system, are under attack. Aliens who they describe as "phantoms" have been raiding supplies, hunting down their leaders, and generally causing chaos. In order to defend themselves, they've asked both for orbital protection and for the training of a planetary defense force. Starfleet, wishing for allies in the region, has agreed, and has dispatched the strongest ship they have. What awaits the Ascension, however, remains to be seen...

First to Flight

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With the crew starting to fill out, Commander Acker decided to meet with her staff. She wanted to assess their readiness for whatever may come.

Mission 01: Trouble in Transit

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The USS Ascension, freshly launched from the PFY, begins its long transit to the Delta Quadrant by setting course for the Raeyan Transit Corridor, the buffer zone between the Romulans and the Kilingons that leads straight to the Fourth of July Nebula. However, disaster strikes the ship as critical systems fail, causing the crew to have to rush to repair them, a sitting duck to those that wish to harm them.

Brave New World

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After passing through a spacial rift, the crew of the USS Ascension must navigate a new area of space and a new time.