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Your Message is Very Important To Us

Posted on Sat Apr 3rd, 2021 @ 2:30pm by Ensign Andrea Robinson

"Okay then, don't answer. Hey Marc, Hey Simon, it's Andy. Wanted to let you know I arrived out here to Starbase 67 safely."

The terminal simply blinked with the automated message that a recording was in progress. Andy could see her slightly distorted self in the reflection of the screen. Her multi-hued green tunic was crumpled from many hours of travelling. Her uniform was safely packed away for tonight. She tried to get comfortable in the standard issue chair in the standard issue transit accommodations of Starbase 67. Neutral walls with metallic accents, it was a largely barren room with plain furniture. Abstract yet oddly generic paintings on the wall and an artificial plant in the corner.

"Sat next to a Bolian computer salesman who talked me silly most of the way here. I didn't really get much of a word in,
but it was a nice way to pass the time, made the trip go a lot faster; did you know they can have multiple partners? He had 3 wives.
Oh and I can get you a great discount on a domestic computing unit, just ask my new friend Dos." Andy chuckled as she recounted her travelling companion.

"Oh, I'm sorry I left my room in such a state when I left, I suppose you can give my stuff away to charity to teach me a lesson. I'll clean up better next time, promise."

She paused for a sip from an octagonal glass filled with water.

"I think I got a glimpse of the Ascension in the dock. It's huge and beautiful. 1600 crew! I can't wait to be aboard."

Her excitement faded somewhat as she remembered that none of the friends who she would really like to share it with most were anywhere near here. There would be no late night dom jot and hasperat sessions for a long time. Her stomach gurgled softly at the thought of some spicy Bajoran food and something tall and bubbly to drink.

"Once I get aboard, it may be awhile before I can contact you, because work but I'll message you as often as I can. I'm quite tired and I need to grab a bite to eat before I go to bed early. I'm slated to report early tomorrow. Um yeah. Okay then, bye for now Two Dads."

Andy wasn't very good at ending things, so quickly pressed a button and the screen went dark.


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