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Private Confessions

Posted on Fri Apr 23rd, 2021 @ 4:29pm by Lieutenant Commander Erik Larsen PhD

Chief Science Officer’s Personal Log, Supplemental:

Fractal Level Encryption Activated

We have been ordered, by both Starfleet Command and Captain Acker, to return to Starbase 67. As the senior Bridge Officer, I gave the order for Ascension to reverse course. I am still wondering if that was a wise decision. I still entertain the possibility that this is a trap, and that the Captain gave those orders under duress. After the way our crew has been treated during this incident...let’s just say that Starfleet Command does not have my complete trust at this time.

I want to trust them. I want to believe in their positive intentions. The Fleet embraced me as one of their own many years ago, despite my lack of Federation citizenship. They took a leap of faith with me, so I believe I owe them at least that much. And Jordyn...he supports the Captain unwaveringly. I trust him.

Still, I can’t shake this gut feeling that something bigger is wrong. I am going to begin discreetly reaching out to my contacts in the civilian sciences community; perhaps an outside perspective will bear some fruit.

End Log Entry.


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