USS Ascension


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Private Emotions

Posted on Tue May 4th, 2021 @ 3:29am by Lieutenant JG Jovus Grynn

The Ascension has docked at Starbase 67 once again. Our welcome this time was much warmer, although I could sense emotions running tense on both sides of the equation.

I received a letter from my mother. Internal political developments on Krios Prime have elevated her to the Sovereign Dynasty’s Advisory Council. A very important position, indeed. Except for the embarrassment of having her unbonded only child emerge from a spatial rift. My resistance and suppression of the finiis’ral has always been a source of friction between us, and her newfound power had only widened that rift.

To quote her directly: “Jovie my child, do you have any idea how much your private life is complicating my political career?”

Sorry Mother Dear, I forgot to consult you before opting out of my arranged marriage because I have no attraction to women. You never supported my quest to find a suitable mate; all you cared about was political expediency.

I want to bond with someone, really. My status as one of the few male empathic metamorphs on Krios means that my attention has been highly coveted over the years. And for the greater good of our world I have mostly played my part for years. Regardless of the political fallout.

So, family of mine, to you I will make the following pledge:

Starting now, I will cease my hormonal suppression injections and allow myself to experience the full range of emotions that lead to bonding with another. Eventually, my full empathic abilities will reawaken and I will be capable of becoming that perfect mate for one man. That’s the dream of every metamorph.

I hope I am making the correct decision.


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