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New Assignment

Posted on Sun Jun 13th, 2021 @ 12:49pm by Lieutenant Strall

Assistant Chief Engineer's Personal Log, entry #1.

Encryption Victor-6-alpha.

My transfer request has been approved, and I am on my way to Starbase 67 to board my new assignment: the USS Ascension. It is a truly fascinating vessel, featuring a great many weapons and shielding technologies I can upgrade and service: 26 Type-XII phaser arrays, thousands of quantum torpedoes, projectile weapons, a multi-layered shielding system and even Tricobalt torpedoes. The Intrepid-class vessel I served on-board was adequate for its purpose, but I do have to say that the Ascension is the type of vessel I hoped to serve on when I enrolled into the Academy. Not to mention that this is a great promotion for me, as I was being held back on the Valiant.

However, a reason Starfleet would have issues with is also the fact that the crew chose to disobey Starfleet in order to pursue the logical course of action. Starfleet is a strict hierarchical structure, and disobedience has grave consequences; however, blind obedience is a logical mistake, and therefore obedience should always be questioned. I am delighted that the crew chose the most logical outcome, without any unnecessary violence. I think I would be a great addition to the crew, and that they would be a great addition to me, affecting me in positive ways.

I am particularly interested in Lt. Commander E'lor, the second officer and chief engineer. (For any readers of this log, not romantically) I had never heard of a Klingon/Betazoid hybrid before, and I am curious to how she manages her both quite different instincts. It is possibly similar in a way to the Vulcan way of life, repressing our ancient instincts of strong emotions, or totally different -- I shall find out. In any case, I predict our relationship will come easily, as we both seem to be focused on our work. Her works on warp theory are a quite interesting read indeed.

I already have several ideas for upgrades to the vessel, after studying its schematics in detail. I do hope the others see the value of them, as it would be illogical to refuse the upgrades.

I will be arriving at the Starbase within minutes. I should meditate, lest I have a strong emotional response to seeing the vessel for the first time in front of others.

End Log.


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