USS Ascension


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New ship, old ship

Posted on Fri Jun 18th, 2021 @ 7:35pm by Captain Acker Kather

So this is the new and improved Ascension. I hate it! Sure, it's a technological wonder now, but everyone on the bridge is so far apart. The new crew members will, no doubt, feel right at home. I don't. It feels wrong. It feels foreign. I must say, I did enjoy tooling around in the tunnels and tubes. That was something I'd never done before.

Looking around my new and improved ready room, it also seems foreign. My anatomical diagrams are neatly arranged on the walls. My commendations and medals are in a shiny wooden case behind glass. My desk is ergonomically correct. It's all so sterile. I know I used to like it like that, but I've changed.

I almost lost everything, and I asked the crew to put their lives and careers on the line for this ship. That loyalty will never be forgotten by me. As for Fletcher, I'll never know what truly happened to bring him back. That's probably for the best. Some secrets are better left secret. I used every last debt owed to me to get Admiral Peyton assigned to my case. I hope he never finds that out! I must say, his record of drinking excessively did not disappoint. He didn't look sloshed, but he clearly was. He made Jordyn look like an expert litigator, and that woman like a custodian. I couldn't help but laugh every night in my cell.

While they finish retrofitting the ship, and the final crew members come aboard, I think I'll redecorate my ready room. I want it to reflect the new me, not the old me. I'll need a different desk and chair, some Bajoran artifacts I have in my quarters, and the little trinkets I absconded from DS9. Starfleet never missed them, assuming they were taken or destroyed by the Dominion. I figure I earned them, if anyone asks.


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