USS Ascension


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Below Decks

Posted on Fri Jul 16th, 2021 @ 2:15pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Sedari Medira

As I survey our new ship, though personally i still can't fathom why Starfleet couldn't just upgrade the Ascension like it's done to many other ships in the past but, that's why I went through the enlisted training program and not officer's training. For one, I had no desire to sit in classrooms listening to boring lectures given by long-winded professors/teachers; I wanted to be out there traveling the spaceways. But I never thought I would be traveling to the future. Not in a 'New York second', or did I use that idiom correctly?

But the new ship is impressive in its own right. I'm just about ready to leave Engineering in the hands of its new assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Strall, I believe his name to be but I could be wrong again. She chuckled to herself as she walked out of Main Engineering and towards the bridge. Maybe the peace of the turbolift would help settle my mind.


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