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Mutiny - Breakout

Posted on Thu Mar 4th, 2021 @ 6:21am by Captain Acker Kather & Ensign Binh Ngo & Commander Jordyn Elbrun DSci & Lieutenant Commander E'Lor Yessinia Tabor Daughter of House Krug & Lieutenant Commander Erik Larsen PhD & Lieutenant Mara Sladi & Lieutenant Adam Fletcher & Lieutenant JG Tayran Wayne & Lieutenant Albino "Viper" Jackson & Lieutenant JG Jovus Grynn & Ensign Matias Josito Ruiz & Ensign Elizabeth Martin & Senior Chief Petty Officer Sedari Medira

Mission: Moving Forward
Location: SB67 & USS Ascension
Timeline: MD 11

On the Bridge, the command staff sat anxiously by their panels, waiting for word they could get control of the ship. Flight control, weapons, shields, and command functions were all still locked-out.

If not their whole plan was going nowhere fast!

Tayran slammed his fist on the console, "Come on," he called out, "what the hell is taking so long, we're running out of time."

The Security staff was busy opening the Armory and drawing weapons, to secure the docking hatchway and rebel borders if they were discovered before the Bridge had full control of the ship again.

Binh was beside herself trying to figure out how to run the sickbay without a doctor. She was first and foremost a biologist. Nursing was just a side job until recent events. Those worries were nothing compared to the intense fear they would be caught before they could figure out how to unclamp the ship from the dock. She had a couple of people with her in sickbay. Some she knew while others had recently come aboard to help via whoever got the ball rolling.

Tayran was already at his station, which he'd just gotten to respond to a very old algorithm to circumvent the security system, "I've got it," he said, half under his breath. Then in a louder tone, he said, "I've got helm control."

"Sir, I've got the Engineering and Tactical/Security controls up and running on the bridge, at least," Senior Chief Petty Officer Sedari Medira said to Larsen.

Sladi was with her few security officers at the dock, making sure that they were covered from this end. She had a tingling "bad feeling" about all of this, yet she was terribly excited at the idea of retaking control of the USS Ascension. Looking for anyone that may have been on to their mission, Sladi carefully accessed the dock lock and quickly worked on the panel to get things going. She knew that if she was going to be caught, she would rather be caught doing something Really Bad. She had hope that she could access the security and tactical console on the bridge, she would be able to get the ship off the dock lock and they would be able to escape the starbase cleanly if not efficiently. She looked to the team, three people now looking at her for orders. She smiled. "Stay inside the airlock. Do not linger on the dock. After we enter, stay just inside the lock on the ship until we detach and are free of the dock." Lieutenant Mara gave her orders and then boarded the ship with the team. She closed the airlock and then jogged to the turbolift. "Bridge," she said as the thrill of excitement trembled through her body. She suddenly realized that her career with Starfleet could be ending in a matter of minutes, but she was not about to rebel for something elementary, she would do something Big. And this, however one looked at it, was Big.

The turbolift opened onto the bridge. There she saw the rest of the mutiny crew and then she smiled. "Access to the Security and Tactical console. Has it been established?" Sladi made her way to the console with a short jog and saw that it was certainly accessible. "A very warm and glad 'Thank You' to whoever got the cons up." Sladi fingers were now flitting across the console pad. She carefully remained secretive as she gained access to the dock lock. She said as things were finalized through the console: "I have the code ready to be entered to unlock the dock mechanism, Sir." She smiled at Lieutenant Commander E'lor. I feel the need to mention also that the reclaimed Borg that was working on the console with me did something to the console that did not render it unusable, I just suspect if we don't have access to weapons it is because she disabled it. If someone with more engineering experience than I have would look at the guts of the console, we could see if those systems would be able to be accessed for our protection. I await your further orders, Lieutenant Commander." Sladi was sure she was ready for anything about to happen and waited for the next orders. She felt some small pang of regret Acker wasn't here, but that she somehow knew that this action was for her and the preservation of the ship.

E'Lor took the hint and shimmied under the weapons console. Removing the access panel, she rewired here and there, bypassed here and there, put the panel back, and shimmied out from under it. Slowly she keyed in her security override codes, it took about two minutes, the weapons console complied and came online. "Weapons are online," she said smiling. She had the backdoor security codes from when she put in all the security protocols from day one. Something SF engineering had no idea to institute, but something she learned way early in her career.

E'Lor sensed something or thought perhaps. In all the confusion on the bridge, no one wondered why the XO had not checked in. "Cmdr. Larsen, has anyone heard from the XO? He is overdue and on the station, " she said.

And as if an act of the Dieties, =/\=Elbrun to Ascension. Someone please respond," he was speaking very quietly almost whispering.

This time she heard what she sensed earlier. =/\= E'Lor to Elbrun, yes I hear you. Are you alright?", she spoke in a hushed tone. Turning, "Cmdr. Larsen, I have Cmdr. Elbrun on line," she said hurriedly.

=/\=I'm fine, E'lor, but, I'm staying on the station. I've been asked to defend the captain in Starfleet's case against her,=/\= Elbrun said calmly. =/\=It's a bit complicated to get into right now. But, the captain's orders stand. Get the ship out of here. I have a chip with the command codes in my hand. Please, transport it aboard ASAP!. That's an order, Lieutenant Commander. Oh and, E'Lor. Thank you for trusting me.=/\=

=/\= Understood Cmdr. Elbrun. Energizing now=/\= E'Lor set the transporter to energize the chip. She beamed it directly to her control station on the bridge. Shimmering into existence, "Cmdr. Larsen, I have the codes chip from Cmdr. Elbrun" she said quickly. "Sir, Cmdr. Elbrun has relayed that the captain's orders are to be carried out and he will be remaining on the station to defend her," she added.

"Ensign Ngo to Bridge," Binh started, a bit scared. "We are ready in Medical." She hoped the ship with leave soon so they wouldn't get caught.

Docking Control, SB67

"Sir, station ops has detected an unauthorized transport from the Ascenion. I think they're catching onto them."

Listening carefully to Elizabeth Martin's words, Adam's lips curled subtly into a wry smile. It had taken the station far longer to catch on than the newly commissioned Intelligence officer had expected so the fact that they'd finally caught on was of little surprise, it simply meant that now the three former members of Ascension's Marine detachment would have to escalate their response, "Alright" He said, his hands working frantically across the console in front of him, "Lets see if we can't offer a bigger distraction."

"What do you have in mind?" Martin enquired, her expression one of intrigue as she watched her boss work.

His smile growing, he glanced toward the young lady to his right, "I'm going to push every ounce of auxiliary power into their emergency forcefield systems on the upper levels. It should be enough to blow out a bunch of power relays and cause an incredibly inconvenient but not particularly dangerous power failure that they will have to fix before they can move on to anything else."

"Like preventing the theft of a starship?" Matias Ruiz chimed in from the door that he was guarding.

Chuckling to himself and nodding as he input the final instructions required to execute his plan into the computer, Adam gave the instruction to engage.

For a moment there was nothing before the walls around them shuddered rather more violently than anticipated, the lighting along with all the control panels in their makeshift base flickering off and then on again as the sabotage team took a quick look about themselves. Above them and across the docking bay a large section of the interior lighting has gone completely dark and outside the room an emergency alarm could just about be made out, "That went well," Fletcher spoke, confirming through his console that the plan had worked, "Release control back to the Ascension's systems back to her and lets get her as ready as we can to get out of here.

As the ship began to glide out of the dock, slowly they crept into open space. Parts of the base were dark, no doubt thanks to sympathizers. Binh could see everyone was holding their breath to see if they were going to be fired upon. Whatever Engineering and the Bridge crew had done, it had worked. The ship began to accelerate, and they all breathed again. There were cautious smiles all around. Now they were mutineers. Whatever careers they had hoped for were no longer an option.

Captain Kather Acker
CO, USS Ascension

Commander Jordyn Elbrun
XO, USS Ascension

Lt. Commander E'Lor Yessinia Tabor
2XO,CEO, USS Ascension

Lt. Commander Erik Larsen
CSO, USS Ascension

Lt. Mara Sladi
Chief of Security/Tactical, USS Ascension

Lt. JG Tayran Wayne
Chief Helmsman, USS Ascension

Lt. Adam Fletcher
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Ascension


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