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Posted on Sat Apr 3rd, 2021 @ 8:18pm by Captain Acker Kather & Commander Jordyn Elbrun DSci

Mission: Moving Forward
Location: Starbase 67
Timeline: MD 12

Vice Admiral Peyton sat at the judge's podium with a bit of anxious energy. He hated these proceedings, and he was here to judge a line Officer. It was the hardest part of his job. He would much rather be back on Risa enjoying the easy life.

"Captain Ghuren Froaiti, please give me your opening statement," Peyton said to the prosecutor.

"Thank you, Admiral. Captain Acker Kather, formerly Commanding Officer of the USS Ascension, has been charged with the serious crime of disobeying the orders of a superior Officer, violating Directive 010 which states, 'Before engaging alien species in battle, any and all attempts to make first contact and achieve nonmilitary resolution must be made,' and treason." She paused for effect. She was thoroughly enjoying her moment in the spotlight. This entire series of events was more exciting than anything that had happened at Starbase 67 in a decade or more. "The prosecution recommends a life sentence, stripped of all rank and benefits, Your Honor."

Peyton sighed. The charges were very serious indeed. "Commander Jordyn Elbrun, your opening statement please."

"Thank you, Vice Admiral Peyton. I want to start out by saying that the Ascension was pulled from its own time period shortly before all of this happened. Captain Acker Kather did the only thing she knew to do and that was protect her ship and crew through the only means available to her. But, as my esteemed counterpart has stated, I have heard no mention of these 'treasonous' acts Captain Acker Kather is supposed to have committed. The defense moves for all charges to be dropped summarily and for Captain Acker Kather to be given her command back with all rights and privileges thereto. Your Honor," the young Betazoid said after bowing to his opponent.

"Good," said Peyton. He was happy to see the Commander taking charge and being aggressive. Maybe his first impressions were wrong. He hoped so. "Move to have charges dismissed is declined. Prosecution may now lay out its base on the charges."

Captain Froaiti stood and puffed her chest out. "Your Honor, Commander and esteemed guests," she said, referring to the people in the gallery, "Acker was ordered to hand over her command codes when the USS Ascension docked. She refused to do so, and has continued to refuse to do so. This is the basis for the charge of disobeying the orders of a superior Officer. By the ship's computer, we have ample evidence the Ascension did not attempt any meaningful dialogue with the Voth prior to engaging in military maneuvers. This is the basis for the charge of violating Directive 010. As for treason," she emphasized, then paused for effect, "we have reports from crew members of the USS Titan stating the crew of the USS Ascension was deliberately vague and intentionally obstructive in allowing them access to the vital areas of the ship for inspection. This behavior is inferred to have come from none other than Acker herself. In addition, there is evidence Acker was directly responsible for the time jump of her ship. This resulted in the Federation declaring the ship lost with all personnel aboard, which created a cascade effect of memorializing the crew and notifying all next of kin." She sat down, quite proud of herself.

"I see," replied Peyton. It looked really bad for Acker. "Commander, you may make any rebuttal comments before the prosecution calls its first witness." 'Make it good, kid,' he thought to himself.

"Thank you, Admiral Peyton. Honored guests, I would like to give you the viewpoint from the only other person in the courtroom who was actually on the ship during each of those instances. Number the first," Jordyn tried out a joke he had learned from an ancient joke book he managed to find in the library, "I, for one, never heard of said 'order' from anyone. And as Executive Officer of this ship, I have been given no prior notice of any of these charges levied against my client and Captain yet I was ordered from my ship to report to Admiral Peyton's office and told that I was to become a defense attorney.

"Number 2: the Voth opened their transporter on us and we were barely able to escape. In doing so, they declared their hostile intentions on us before we barely recognized their ship. And as to my 'esteemed' colleague," he drew out that word because he felt no kinship with him whatsoever," I was also never given the reports from the members of the Titan's crew once they had returned to their ship. We were also never told that they were coming aboard in an 'official' capacity of any kind. And again, I would like to see this 'evidence' that Captain Acker herself was directly responsible for the time jump. Because as a previous Chief Science Officer, I have only known of ONE species capable of controlling space, time and matter and we had none of them aboard our ship.

"In closing, Captain Froaiti has not given any facts as far as the only other person in command on this great starship only conjecture and circumstantial 'evidence. As well as, possibly entirely false statements as far as everyone here is concerned. He speaks as though my client and Captain has already been found guilty, which to my knowledge, she has NOT! Thank you."

Peyton could not hide his smile, but quickly cleared his throat and looked more professional. "I am inclined to summarily find for the defense in the charge of violation of Directive 010 and in the charge of treason. That is unless Captain Froaiti has evidence to submit for my consideration. Captain?"

Froaiti looked very small suddenly. "Just the reports from the Titan's crew, your Honor."

"Humph," Peyton growled. "Charge of treason dismissed. That leaves us with the charge of disobeying the orders of...."

The entire deck had lights flicker off, then on, then off to stay. Emergency lights flickered on at the doorway. "Ladies and gentlemen, I believe this puts us in recess. As the most serious charges have been dismissed, Captain Acker will be released from formal custody and given a berth. If she can find it in the darkness." He was not pleased at all that the trial would be interrupted. "We will reconvene tomorrow morning at 0900 hours, if the lights come back on. Dismissed."

Kather nudged Jordyn, whispering, "Your doing?"

"How can you think that?! I'm goof but not that good," he smiled.

She smiled back as they made their way, slowly, back to berthing. Only emergency lights were on as people were bumbling around trying to find their way to wherever they were going. Kather invited Jordyn into her berth.

"I don't know what just happened, but that was pretty impressive. Who do you think? E'Lor? Larsen? Maybe that funny Engineer from the Titan did it." She laughed freely for the first time since her incarceration. "Jordyn, did they get out safely? That's my biggest concern."

"To be honest, I spoke with E'Lor shortly after we spoke, she took the chip from me and told me thanks. And to do good by you. I told her I would do my best. Who knows what happened because I sure as Hell don't but, it was kind of fortuitous don't you think?" Jordyn said by way of a question and then asked her, "So, did we win?"

Kather laughed. "Win? Um, I guess, in a way. The most serious charges have been dismissed, but the insubordination is still on the table. That could still mean a lot, depending on the judge. What do you think of him?"

"To be honest, he's a pompous windbag. He likes to bluster and yell to get his way because he doesn't have the, what's the word? Not maturity or authority but it's something else that he doesn't have to do it without screaming at the people under his command in order to get them to do what he wants," Jordyn said. "But, I'm fairly certain that you will be given command of the Ascension again," he said tapping his head and grinning like an imp.

As court was reconvened the following morning, Admiral Peyton was in a foul mood. The interruption of the previous day, plus the total inability to figure out who was responsible, irritated him to no end. Add to that, the USS Ascension was missing. Again. Peyton had Acker, Elbrun and Froaiti in his office for a meeting before the court was brought into session.

"I don't have to tell anyone how angry I am about yesterday's mishaps," he growled, looking at the Starbase Captain. "Any word on anything?"

"I apologize, Admiral. We have our best looking into everything, but I have nothing to report as of yet." Froaiti was beside herself with fear.

Peyton turned his attention to Elbrun. "I'm sure you know nothing of what happened. That leaves me in a precarious position. Starfleet Command has called me no less than three times since yesterday. They want the ship back, and the trial must be concluded. The remaining charge of insubordination will be dismissed if you and your Captain can get that ship back here unharmed. This is the decision of Starfleet Command at the highest levels. Someone will have to pay, of course. I have no intentions of charging any crew member of the Ascension for trying to save their ship, though. That is, as long as they didn't have anything to do with disabling the base. It seems, Commander, the ball is in your court."

"What do you want from me, sir? Or more to the point...what does Starfleet want with as outdated a starship as the Ascension? I was told that we were the only dreadnought ship in the fleet as the program as dismantled after our alleged destruction/disappearance," Jordyn asked pointedly. "So that leaves me with yet another Starfleet wanting my ship to dismantle her or to upgrade her to more technology befitting the current level of Starfleet?"

Peyton smiled. He actually liked this young man. "Starfleet Command wants your ship quite intact at this point, Commander. They have, shall we say, scrapped the plans to dismantle the Ascension. Any ship's crew that is willing to fight to keep their ship should, in fact, keep it. Upgrades will need to be made, of course. However, as the only dread in the fleet, the Ascension may hold a special favor with some higher ranks to take missions other ships clearly cannot handle. It is a magnificent vessel," he finished, winking at Acker and Elbrun.

"Thank you, Sir. I figured I would get some dismissive answer but yours was quite the opposite," said Jordyn, trying to keep his comments short, sweet and to the point.

Kather enjoyed seeing Jordyn being the top dog for once. But it was time for her to step up. "Admiral, we will assure the safe return of the Ascension as long as we have, in writing, your assurances that no punishment will come to the crew. We will happily accept the upgrades to the ship as long as our personnel are present for them. I just hope everyone is Starfleet knows not to fire on them as they return from wherever they are. Deal?"

"Deal," Peyton said, smiling. "And yes, in writing. Once the ship has docked, I can finally leave. My duties here will be complete, and Command can figure out who to blame." He shook his head. "Stay on your ship, Captain. Don't ever let them promote you. Being an Admiral is no fun at all. Dismissed."

Kather smiled at Jordyn. "We won," she said in a whisper.

"That was WAY to easy," Jordyn said softly to his captain. "Now, all we need to do is call the ship back but we can do that in private, wouldn't you agree, oh Captain my Captain?"



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