USS Ascension


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A Morning Cup of Something Beginning With B

Posted on Wed Jul 21st, 2021 @ 7:48pm by Ensign Andrea Robinson & Lieutenant Commander Erik Larsen PhD

Mission: A Brand New Day
Location: Turbolift
Timeline: Current

The monster's maw opened wide to reveal an expanse of dark red flesh fading to black and surprisingly white teeth. At almost the same time, a baleful howl erupted from deep within. The sudden noise drew a rapid quizzical look from the very blue Benzite riding in the turbolift with her. Puffs of translucent vapor billowed from the creature's breathing equipment.

"Sorry. I guess I need more caffeine." Andy said aloud. She didn't have to apologise to a complete stranger, she just felt like she needed to do so. It was a ship full of strangers. Her friends at the Academy were now scattered across the Federation and beyond, leaving Andy feeling quite small, and alone. Her companion lost interest in her and turned away almost instantly. Andy stared at her shoes and examined the weave of the carpet to pass the time. All too soon, she killed another yawn by pressing a clenched fist to her lips. Thanks to several days of travelling to her new assignment, her internal rhythms were still adjusting. The doors opened, and her fellow passenger stepped off, leaving Andy alone to continue her journey. Soon though the lift slowed again to a gentle bump and the doors opened once more.

Being the Senior Bridge Officer at present had its advantages. And this morning, Erik Larsen was grateful for the expanded menu on his replicator panel. He needed a strong jolt, and a steaming cup of bojnoggi was exactly what the Science Officer needed. The Tellarite concoction had the consistency of a creamy soup, but packed the caffeine equivalent of four cups of coffee. He pressed the call panel for the turbolift, and in seconds the transport pod arrived. It was occupied by a youngish female Ensign that he only peripherally recognized. Erik entered the car, cup in hand and smiled at the junior officer.

“Good morning,” he said as the door swished closed. “Ensign....?”

"Robinson, sir." The sweet, heavy aromas from the new arrival's beverage filled the confined space. "Smells good."

“It’s called bojnoggi,” said the Science Officer with a small smile. “A Tellarite delicacy, or so I’m told. I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced.” Erik extended his free hand. “Erik Larsen, Chief Science Officer. Call me Erik, please.”

Andy blinked. At the Academy everyone was sir, from the professors, to the senior cadets, to visiting officers, even down to the cleaner. Andy knew these people had first names, but was never allowed to use them, under threat of punishment or demerit. Her record as a cadet was not exactly spotless and she didn't need add colour to it with minor infractions.

"Nice to meet you... Erik." she responded. "I've just arrived from Earth."

“Welcome to the Ascension, Ms. Robinson.” Larsen paused for a moment. “Ah, Earth. I haven’t been there in years.”

"It was a nice place to visit; lots of water. I'm from Benecia Colony, it's mostly a desert world."

“I see. I’m a colonial myself...Europa Nova, an independent world in the Bajor sector. Very much like Earth climate wise; they tend to keep to themselves though, only having peripheral diplomatic ties to the UFP.”

A smile started to form across Andy's face at his use of the word 'colonial'. She used to think it was a dirty word, and had attacked at cadet at the Academy for using it or something very similar. That little outburst had earned her a long stint of 'whale watching' in her best uniform. Just like it sounds, searching in vain for and recording Cetacean sightings in San Francisco Bay. Nowadays, she found the word to be a badge of honor.

"Well, us 'Colonials' have a lot to contribute to the Galaxy. It's why I'm here, anyway." Andy added. She was really here for the adventure with little thought of making galaxy-shaping decisions, but the real truth might not be appreciated by a senior officer.


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