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The Swerve

Posted on Sun Apr 18th, 2021 @ 10:27pm by Lieutenant Adam Fletcher & Ensign Matias Josito Ruiz & Ensign Elizabeth Martin

Mission: Moving Forward
Location: SB67

Watching quietly as the Federation starship Ascension drifted slowly back into stardock, a rather wry smile remained across Fletcher's lips. He and his now Starfleet Intelligence colleagues had watched the court proceedings via the station's internal camera feed and whilst the outcome was certainly a desirable one, it had left the recently commissioned Lieutenant a little disappointed that they weren't going to have an opportunity to continue their attempt at a real mutiny.

"So," Ruiz spoke up finally, "What now?"

"We wait," Adam replied with a shrug, "It'll take time for everyone to regather and get this show back on the road. In the meantime, you're both going to need new uniforms" He gestured toward both Ruiz and Martin and their obsolete green collars.

"Then what?" The now Ensign Elizabeth Martin piped up, the shared bemusement and mild disbelief at sudden end to the situation they'd all found themselves in for weeks ending so abruptly very evident on her face.

"Come and find me," Fletcher responded, his smile turning into a full blown grin, "I'm sure there's a decent bar on this station somewhere."

Outside of the more sensitive Starfleet only areas of Starbase 67, the station held a quite impressive number of amenities for the various travellers that regularly passed through - certainly more than Adam had anticipated as the three intelligence officers had abandoned their makeshift control center, relinquishing it back to the starbase's own crew once more.

Making his way slowly across the main promenade, through what looked to Adam more like the main tourist district of a city like Tokyo, Singapore or Bangkok than part of any starbase he'd ever set his eyes on, he was spoiled for choice by way of establishments in which to find a refreshment.

Pushing his way through the never ending crowds and trying to ignore those employed by by each establishment to entice new customers to spend their hard earned funds, Fletcher eventually found a considerably quieter albeit somewhat seedier looking bar down one of the side corridors from the main promenade, occupied only by a pair of Ferengi near the main entrance, an Andorian in deep conversation with a Tellarite sat almost in the centre of the room and one more individual sat in the darkest corner of the place that he couldn't quite identify.

Picking up a glass of what the Bolian bartender had assured him was 'genuine Earth beer', Fletcher took a seat in one of the booths that lined the left side of the room, placing the PADD he had carried in his pocked on the table and taking a deep breath as he tried to move beyond the day's rather unexpected course of events.

"Mister Fletcher" A voice that had recently become so very familiar broke the silence, just loud enough for the former Marine to hear.

"Admiral Shah," Adam replied, taking a long drink from his glass.

"Congratulations on completing your first task, Lieutenant. A job well done."

"Well done?" Adam couldn't contain a quiet chuckle, "We barely did anything beyond turning some lights off."

"You did enough," A genuinely pleased sounding Admiral Shah responded, "Now take your place aboard the Ascension. I'll have some of my people along to help you set up and stand by for further instructions."

"Further instructions? What are we trying to do exactly?" Fletcher asked but to deaf ears as what ever device the Admiral of Starfleet Intelligence had used to communicate had been deactivated long before he could finish his sentence.

Rolling his eyes and finishing his first drink, Adam signalled to the Bolian behind the bar for another. He wasn't sure what exactly to expect going forward but one thing he was certain of was that typically when the Ascension had been concerned, it wasn't going to be straight forward.


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