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"What On Earth Happened? "

Posted on Mon May 31st, 2021 @ 6:56am by Lieutenant Commander E'Lor Yessinia Tabor Daughter of House Krug & Commander Jordyn Elbrun DSci

Mission: Moving Forward


E'Lor was still reeling from the past mission. She hadn't realized just how close she had become with the captain until she was arrested. She was her best friend true but the bond between them grew very tight and it affected E'Lor in ways she had never known. The fact that Elbrun was the XO was a buffer for E'Lor's klingon anger and the reason why she did not make the situation worse. But, something also occured to E'Lor, she had formed a professional relationship with Elbrun at the same time. She had become his friend and she admired his tenacity in his decisions.

Sitting off in a corner of the lounge, E'Lor was nursing a bloodwine. Alone and deep in thought as to how maybe the past mission might have gone better, people started to arrive and among them was Elbrun. However, her mind was occupied in thought so she did not sense him.

As Elbrun entered the lounge, he began looking for Erik. He thought about scanning the ship telepathically but thought there might be way too much psychic static and he was already getting a headache. So, maybe he should go to Sickbay instead. And then he saw E'Lor sitting in the corner alone...or more to the point, he sensed her fear and anquish. Walking over to her he asked "Is this seat taken?"

Jumping slightly, "No, please sit. You startled me. I was deep in......well.......," she stopped, sighed and finished, "The mission. I can't quite get over the fact that they arrested the captain and their reasoning why. It just doesn't sit right with me, and then having to commandeer the ship......It just makes no sense," E'Lor said, sipping her bloodwine.

"Slow down, Commander. It's alright, we got Captain Acker back and command of the ship returned to her," he said. "The arrest was all a smokescreen. The trial was ridiculously easy for me to win and with no legal background at that. I'll prepare a full report for the senior staff by tomorrow. Right now, I just want to relax and get stupid drunk. I hope you weren't peaved by my decision to put Larsen in command," he said softly to her. He tried his hardest to filter out all the background 'noise'.

"Do you mind if we go somewhere a little more...quiet than here, please?" he asked the engineer.

"Sure Commander, we can go to the arboretum," E'Lor said, getting up to leave.

"Please, call me Jordyn," the Betaziod said with a smile as the two got up to leave. "Now, what did you want to know?"

"Jordyn.....was this necessary? I mean.....why did they arrest the captain in the first place? Was it a trumpted up charge?" E'Lor asked. She was livid because it made her and the crew do things that would otherwise be unthinkable and it bothered her.

"To be perfectly honest, E'Lor, I'm not sure. I think 'this' Starfleet is treading down a different path than the one we joined up with. I think they have seen WAY to much war and death than we ever thought possible and it's made them a little skittish," Jordyn began. "If what I saw in Admiral Peyton's mind was any indication, I would think the Admiralty has fallen under someone's control. Or at least the higher ups.

"I have yet to bring this to the captain's attention because I was waiting for the right...moment to do it. But, I doubt there will be so I may have to go to her soon with this. What do you think?"

"I think you are right and from what I can gather, something is very wrong in SFC. At least the top brass. I am not sure if it is too much war, bloodshed, or distrust but something seems to be driving people to do strange things. I can't help but think that way. While we were stealing her, I got disjointed images of suspicion, and deceiving thoughts. Almost like something was trying to invade their logic," E'Lor said.

"Actually, I've felt the same way since we got to this time period. Really?! I keep forgetting that you're part Betazoid. And, well, I've been having strange headaches since we got here. I assumed it was an side effect of temporal displacement but now hearing about your experiences, I feel you're right.

"There is most definitely something wrong here and I'm not sure what it is but I think we need to get with whatever contacts/friends we may each have in SFI and/or as high up the food chain as possible to do some digging for us. We can have them contact us once we're out in space and away from this starbase," Jordyn said.

"I agree, the captain must be warned. I will reach out to my contacts and friends and troll to see what I hook," E'Lor said nodding at Elbrun.

"Very good, Commander. Get to it," Elbrun said. "Are we done? I need to get to the bridge."

"As do I. The engineering console needs me on the bridge as well. However my back is prickling me and I feel something is out of place. We are needed on the bridge post haste," E'Lor said.

Jordyn just laughed as they got up and walked away towards the bridge.

Commander Jordyn Elbrun, DSci
Executive Officer
USS Ascension

Lt. Cmdr. E'Lor Tabor Daughter House Krug
USS Ascenscion


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