USS Ascension


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All Hands on Deck

Posted on Tue Jul 6th, 2021 @ 11:12pm by Captain Acker Kather & Commander Jordyn Elbrun DSci & Lieutenant Commander E'Lor Yessinia Tabor Daughter of House Krug & Lieutenant Commander Erik Larsen PhD & Lieutenant Mara Sladi & Lieutenant Strall & Ensign Andrea Robinson

Mission: A Brand New Day
Location: Starbase 67/USS Ascension
Timeline: MD 15

Having successfully returned to Starbase 67 without incident, the USS Ascension is now docked and receiving upgrades. All current and new crew members are invited to participate and familiarize themselves with the upgrades.

A newly promoted Commander Jordyn Elbrun was on the bridge overseeing the final tests on their new bridge module. This one was more like and Intrepid-class except that is had three seats including one for a counselor. A position that they not been given yet and still had no Chief Medical Officer either but was being looked into. For the moment, they had been given temporary crew members to fill these positions. He hoped they would work out and become permanent.

"Cmdr. Elbrun, have you tested out the big chair yet", she quipped. Intrepid bridge modules are truly different in nature. She knew a good deal about the different bridge set ups. So she gathered that her spot would be on the left and she walked over to where she would be.

"I have never even set foot on an Intrepid-class starship, Commander Tabor. And, I take it this was your idea for the bridge, correct?" Elbrun asked the Chief Engineer/Second Officer.

Erik Larsen smirked at the banter between Jordyn and E’Lor. He was on the bridge, testing the responsiveness of the new sensor modules at the Science station. Most designs put the Sciences console in the aft portion of the bridge; this layout has Science on the port fore quarter of the bridge, and Erik could not have been happier. Having a fore facing station in a U shaped configuration meant that the on-duty Science Officer had access to information more quickly and efficiently.

“I love what they have done with the main computer,” Erik stated. “Or rather, what they are doing. The subspace field coil upgrades will allow us to process data at near transwarp speeds. Really high grade stuff.”

"I should hope so, Commander. What with us coming forward in time and not backwards," Elbrun said with a chuckle.

"Well, I suggested it, but it the Captain that ordered it. Part of our upgrades into this time era. I think it is a marvelous idea as everything will help us to adjust to this era. I know engineering is getting new upgrades which will take some time to get aquainted to," E'Lor said chuckling at her friend.

"I thought it was part of Starfleet in general? I think they just want to keep us guessing and on our toes, wouldn't you agree, Commander Larsen?" Jordyn asked the CSciO.

"I tend to agree but I still think we needed the facelift. I'm not sure what else they have in store for us when it comes to engineering. Wonder what are going to change or add to my beloved engine room. Something good I hope," E'Lor said chuckling.

"One never knows," Elbrun said enigmatically.

The turbolift doors obediently allowed Andrea to pass onto the bridge. She was here to drop off a PADD stuffed full of officialness to a colleague, walking with purpose while others more important bantered around her.

"Can I help you, Ensign?" Jordyn turned and asked the new arrival. 'All these new faces! It's going to be hard to put names to the faces but I'll do it. I always do.'

"I have a status report here, they said take it to the bridge, but I - I'm not sure who to give it to." Andrea said simply and honestly. In the presence of more senior staff, Andy's youthful confidence wilted like a flower in the sun, her inexperience or nerves getting the better of her.

"You may give it to me. I'm Commander Elbrun, Executive Officer. And you are?" Jordyn asked in a pleasant enough voice as to not scare this ensign off the ship.

"Ensign Robinson, sir."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Ensign Robinson. I assume you came aboard while we were docked at the Starbase, yes?" Jordyn asked curious about this young ensign.

"Yes sir." Robinson nodded in reply. The senior officer's curiosity caught her off guard, Andrea hadn't expected a conversation.

"Well, good luck and we're happy to have you here." Elbrun said with a smile.

Happy to be tooling around where no one could find her, Kather was enjoying looking at the new electrical systems and computer upgrades from the bowels of the ship. Crawling through conduit tubes and access tunnels was so much more fun than she ever imagined.

All of a sudden, Jordyn got the biggest smile on his face than anyone on the bridge had ever seen on him. It almost seemed to light up the bridge and since the lighting on this bridge was at mid-lighting levels, that was saying something. He couldn't tell where these feelings where coming from but he knew that someone was extremely pleased.

"i feel it too! She is very happy in her own element," E'Lor remarked as she felt the immediate jump in pleasurable sensations.

Lieutenant Mara Sladi slipped onto the bridge hoping she wouldn't be noticed, or at the very least, be invisible for a few more minutes. She knew that was not to be and her left hand lingered on the Bajoran earring and cuff on her ear. She went to the security console and began logging in, noting the convenience the upgrades provided. Somewhat surprised and very pleased, Sladi allowed herself a brief smile and then took in the familiarity with the bridge, the ship, and the crew. She took a deep breath, sighed, then composed herself. Saying nothing, she continued the perusal of the console and when finished, she looked around. "Lieutenant Mara Sladi, reporting for duty." Her voice was cold, distant, and a bit edgy but she managed a wry smile.

"Nice try, Lieutenant, but it isn't that easy to sneak into a room with not one but two Betazoids on the bridge," Jordyn said turning around to the Tactical station to smile at her.

"I had forgotten," Sladi said allowing an unusual blush of embarrassment grace her cheeks. She tried hiding it, sighed, then tried to manage some semblance of professional stoic expression. Failing miserably she looked down and then up to Ebrun, her expression softened into a smile. "So good to be back, Commander. And, if I hadn't said it already, congratulations on the rise in rank, sir." She spoke with a crooked smile, somewhat unlike the usual abrasiveness she mustered.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Mara. Much appreciated and don't worry about my using telepathy because I didn't. I had just turned around from speaking with Ensign Robinson when I noticed you trying to sneak in," Jordyn said.

Arriving via the new turbolift, Kather was surprised to see all the changes to the bridge. Efficient? Probably. She hated this much change this quickly. Still, it was going to be interesting going forward. "Good day, everyone!"

"Good afternoon, Captain, how are you doing today?" Elbrun asked her as he rose from the center chair.

"It's a great day and a great ship, Commander," Acker replied. "Looks like you have quite a task ahead of you with all the new crew members. I expect you'll delegate to get them all up to speed before we make our 'maiden' voyage." She chuckled. "Mighty fine ship. So happy to be back aboard. We do have a small delegation we're missing, so do your best to keep up the good work!" She allowed him to keep the bridge while she went into her refurbished ready room. She knew the crew wouldn't be complete until Fletcher was back on board.

"Captain, I'm loving all the upgrades to the ship and was hoping I would get a chance to put my new DSci to work as well, if at all possible? I mean with all the command grade officers we have now, I would like to see Commander Larsen take on more command responsibilities this tour," Jordyn asked Acker, now his friend in more ways than one.

"Of course, Commander. I'm sure the science crew would love a new member!" Acker replied.

A short while later, the turbolift doors opened again, and Lieutenant Strall stepped onto the bridge. He had been searching for the Chief Engineering Officer for some time now, and the ship's computer pointed him to the bridge. Quickly glancing around in the room, he also recognized Commander Elbrun from the Starfleet records. "Sirs, ma'ams," he calmly addressed the bridge, then turned to E'lor and addressed her equally as calmly, "Commander Tabor, Lieutenant Strall reporting for duty. If you have time, ma'am, I would like to discuss some possible upgrades to the weapons and shielding system whilst we are still docked." Without being asked to, he pulled out his PADD and opened the appropriate schematics for the various upgrades he had in mind.

"Good morning, Lieutenant Strall and how wonderful it is to have you join us," he said with true meaning to his words. Jordyn merely looked from the Lieutenant to E'Lor and laughed, ~Can we say "Eager Beaver"?~ he spoke to Tabor's mind, hoping the Vulcan lieutenant had not 'heard' him.

~Eager indeed~ E'Lor said to Elbrun's mind in turn. "Welcome aboard Lt. Strall. It will be a pleasure working with you," she said eyeing the young man carefully. "You want to upgrade what? The Ascension has gone through extensive upgrades already. How much more of an upgrade are you thinking about?", she asked.

If Strall had heard the telepathic exchange, he did not let on. He began talking confidently, almost as if he had been rehearsing this moment multiple times. "Thank you, ma'am. Starfleet's upgrades are usually pretty conservative, unless it is experimental equipment. That may seem logical for safety purposes, however, this does in turn severely limit the output of the systems." He hands the PADD to E'lor as he continues: "What I have in mind is re-routing some of the energy generated in the pre-fire chamber to the input of the phaser, thereby inducing a slight positive feedback loop. A similar system would work on the shields and create a harmonic resonance, which would increase the output of both system by up to 20%, according to the simulations. Failure rate would increase by 3%. Catastrophic failure rate change is negligible." He knew that most races were risk-averse when it came to a possibility of death, so he added: "The expected value of this modification is great, and presents no more risk to us than the usual setting. I can assure it does technically meet Starfleet regulations, and I will take full responsibility if the upgrades are substandard." He knew that now came the moment where it will be decided whether his work had been wasted.

"Thank you Mr. Strall I will look over your work with dilligence and patience. But for the moment, we will leave things as they are," E'Lor said graciously. Giving Elbrun a side look ~ Is he for real?~ she thought to him.

"I, for one, would like to see the schematics and your data, Lieutenant," Ebrun said trying not to come across as being dismissed out of hand. ~Apparently, he is, E'Lor~

"Certainly, Commander. There is no need for haste decisions." Strall knew that at least for the near future his idea was rejected. He did note however that this went better than in his experience aboard the Valiant. He walked over to Ebrun and offered him the PADD. It was important to know what factors his superiors consider when evaluating an idea.

"Thank you, Lieutenant. I will look this over, run your ideas by the Captain, who has the ultimate say, and get back to you and Commander Tabor," Elbrun said, trying not to dash the young man's hopes. But, he knew Vulcans but could see something in the engineer's eyes. He couldn't discern what that was but it was as though a light had flickered in his eyes.

E'Lor nodded politely at the young Lieutenant. "I will go over them with command and quite possibly use most of your ideas. I am intrigued however on how you researched your work. Maybe we could discuss this at a later time?" she said now smiling at him.

Commander Jordyn Elbrun, DSci
Executive Officer
USS Ascencion

Lt. Cmdr. E'Lor Tabor Daughter House Krugh
USS Ascension

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USS Ascension

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